About us



Hey Curl Friends,


I’m Raquel Bolleau, an Actress, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, and Founder of Métisse Natura®. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca and for as long as I can remember I have always struggled with having the confidence to wear my natural curly hair. For years I hid behind silk presses, weaves, and perms to make my hair as straight as possible. 


It wasn’t until I became a mother that I understood the importance of truly embracing who I am, and celebrating my natural hair. My children are Métisse (French word for mixed race) French & African American with beautiful curly hair, but I will never forget the day my daughter looked in the mirror with sadness on her face and said she wished she had straight hair. It broke my heart to see her at such a young age, self conscious about her curls. I remember having the same feelings growing up on set as an Actress. I was never satisfied in the make up & hair trailer. My hair was always a problem, it was either too frizzy, puffy, not straight enough, or too dry. I knew I had to find a solution, and for me that was learning how to take care of my own hair.


I have tried so many different products on my natural haircare journey, and I specifically searched for products that would work well for both me and my daughter’s hair.  We have very different curl textures, my hair texture is thicker, with tight curls and her texture is fine, ringlet curls. I began my research on Organic products and ingredients that would strengthen, define, add moisture, and increase the overall health of our curls. I also wanted an everyday product that is easy and effective to use. That is when I created Métisse Natura®, an Inclusive, 2 step, Solution based, Organic, Vegan, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free Hair Care Line specifically designed with your CURLS in mind. 


Our curly hair needs extra special attention and our products were created with those specific needs in mind. My goal with Métisse Natura® is to grow an authentic, organic curl community by promoting confidence in wearing our natural hair and the products we use. 


-Raquel Bolleau